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Rosy Posy Gifts in Outram, our latest stockist

21 June 2020

Our latest stockist is the wonderful gift shop Rosy Posy in Outram. Rosy Posy Gifts is a delightful country store offering wide range of gifts and toiletries. Visit Rosy Posy and indulge yourself in the stunning range of artisan gifts and food available. Plenty of parking available.

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Pirate Pickles

About us:

We moved to Hawea in 2010 with our children Max and Freddie We immediately commenced digging our first vegetable garden and started to produce our first crop of real, organic vegetables.

This was our first small move towards sustainable living, a time to step away from the corporate world providing a foundation of understanding for our children around sustainability and the natural world.

Pirate Pickles was formally born in 2011, initially with three products growing to over 30 different varieties today using only traditional methods.

You won’t find any nasties in these babies! No artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives or flavourings. If Granny doesn’t recognise the ingredients, we don’t use it!

Predominantly, the fruit and vegetables used in our products are organically grown by us. Additional produce comes through swapping and trading locally or when necessary, from other New Zealand growers.

Today, the total food producing gardens cover approximately an acre of land within our property. Our principles are to remain completely organic and to take nothing away from the land replacing goodness through our comprehensive composting systems.

Pirate Pickles and Pirate Preserves:

We strive to make your taste-buds tingle with his range of handmade pickles, chutneys, relishes, jams, preserves and curds.

Prepared by hand and stirred until your biceps bulge, these recipes really are the genuine article.

Fruit and vegetable contents are high and you can see the real colours from much of the local produce we use.

Each jar or bottle is individually packed and labelled.

So, give your taste-buds a treat or, are you scared you might actually TASTE something!

Pirate Produce:

The growing garden range of organic fruit and vegetables now often exceeds the requirements from the Pirate Pickles kitchen!

This has enabled us to build up local restaurant markets and the ability to direct excess produce to the public direct, or through local markets and retailers.

Our philosophy really is about the ability to offer products and produce our grandparents would be familiar with and proud of.

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